EEG Kolkata

Developed by Hans Berger in 30’s, electro encephalogram has been quintessential in describing neurophysiology In terms of waves. In this method, we try to detect EPSP (EXCITATORY POST –SYNAPTIC POTENTIAL) and IPSP (INHIVBITORY POST –SYNAPTIC POTENTIAL) of mainly cortical neurons.

Scope of EEG:

The most useful and awe-inspiring attribute of EEG is its superior temporal resolution to detect any neurophysiological disorders (like—Epilepsy etc.) , we look at the amplitude and frequency of EEG data, which can not only suggest any Alteration of rhythm , but also helps us to locate its tentative source, albeit with some inaccuracy in terms of spatial location.


There are myriads of psychiatric disorders that remain very elusive in term of nature and propagation. Earlier, if not already developed, mild psychiatric Alteration involve often serious neurophysiological signature. Diseases like OCD, Schizophrenia etc are presented with naïve symptoms In the first visit and seldom distracts physician’s clinical eye of detection. More so, when two or more co-morbid symptom exist, life becomes harder even for a trained psychiatrist to peel off them and arrange them in a detectable manner. EEG, at the time of psychophysical assessment, in those patients stands as an easy and detectable tool to decipher those hidden loops.

To ensure the superior signal to noise ratio, we can employ cutting edge computational approach (like Digital signal processing, wavelet analysis etc.) to better the temporal and spatial properties of EEG to detect those psychological calamities in a very early stage and help us to prevent any further progression. As we all know “Prevention is better than cure”.

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