Child Counselling in Kolkata

There are a wide range of issues that effect children. Unfortunately, these can include abuse and maltreatment, which of course require urgent attention. Sometimes children find it difficult to express their worries which means that problems can be left unresolved and undetected. It is therefore often helpful to seek out professional help if it is evident that a child is unhappy.There are varieties of counseling techniques to use with children.

Role play is a conventional technique and can be extremely effective and revealing. Showing Their World Art therapy can be an incredibly effective form of counseling with children. Most children are interested to draw or do some work of art and it can be a nice distraction in a situation where they are not comfortable verbally communicating how they feel. Working with parents-initial sessions focus on positive interactions between the parent and child.The aim of parent work is to change in the dynamics and functioning of the actual parent child relationship.

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