1. Name: Rupa Bag

    Phone: 9804****52

    Address: Santoshpur

    Remark: I have OCD. Dr. tirthankar dasgupta treated me. Now I am fully okay. I am very much thankful to Dr. Dasgupta and all members of Moner Alo.

  2. Name: Upamanyu Biswas

    Phone: 9433****21

    Address: Kolkata

    Remark: I am engineering student. At hostel I was addicted with various drugs. My life was mess. At that time I came to Moner Alo. Here by the help of dr. tirthankar dasgupta and his psychologist team I am fully out of addiction. I get back my confidence. Now I have no irritation. I am thankful to Moner Alo.

  3. Name: Palash Roy

    Phone: 8016****23

    Address: Rampurhat

    Remark: I was suffering from depression. I had no appetite and I lost my sleep. I wanted to commit suicide. One of my friends told me about Moner Alo. I came to Moner Alo with lot of hope. Thanks god they help me. Dr dasgupta is a genius.

  4. Name: Mumtaz Bibi

    Phone: -

    Address: Khulna jila, Bangladesh

    Remark: I came from Bangladesh. I am suffering from anxiety. Moner Alo help me to get out of the disease. I am thankful to them.

  5. Name: Arun Kr. Sinha

    Phone: 9832****81

    Address: Bongaon

    Remark: I am a service man. I had various problems. I had trouble of sleep. I had low appetite. I did not have passion for work. Every day I was facing marital problem. I came to Moner Alo three months back. Now I am almost fit. Thanks Moner Alo for your support. I hope for your better future.

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