Psychiatry Department in Kolkata

“MonerAlo”, Department of Psychiatry are treating the patient those who suffer from following symptoms are:

1. Low mood
2. Less interest in work
3. Sleep disturbance
4. Low appetite
5. Attempt to suicide or self – hurting tendency
6. Anger outburst
7. Fear from social gathering, avoid others peoples
8. Washing their hands repeatedly, counting and checking things over and over, cleaning excessively, collecting and arranging things.
9. Alcohol and others substance dependency
10. Excessive suspicious, believe people spying them
11. Hearing someone’s voice who doesn’t exist in real world
12. Perceive others those who not exist
13. Excessive tension
14. Antisocial personality
15. Body pain and headache

When the patient comes with this symptom before entering the doctor’s chamber we do thorough counselling and screening by standardized and suitable tools and methods. After Dr. Tirthankar Dasgupta diagnose the patient to provide them medication or suitable remedies. Our achievement is to provide patient the best treatment and cure them in short span of time.


Department of Psychiatry Moner Alo
Phone : +090516 80953

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